Devcon VI

Post-Merge Ethereum Client Architecture
10-14, 12:00–12:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 5

Take a look at the key components of a post-merge Ethereum "node" and how they fit together, encompassing both the consensus and execution clients. How do the two clients work together? What impact does the different designs of clients have on that? And what opportunities are there for execution and consensus clients to work together better in the future?

Let's break down the knowledge silos between consensus and execution layers to get the most out of merged future of Ethereum.

Adrian is an escapee from the world of centralised finance but is now making amends by contributing to the Ethereum core protocol as a Lead Blockchain Protocol Engineer at ConsenSys. He is a core dev on both the consensus and execution layers, leading development of ConsenSys Teku and contributing to Hyperledger Besu. When he's not coding he can be found discussing Ethereum and answering questions on pretty much all the Discord servers, and Telegram chat rooms and…

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