Devcon VI

Fast and Furious Withdrawals from Optimistic Rollups
10-12, 15:30–16:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

Bridges are very complex and have under-explored security issues. The issue we are focused on with withdrawing from L2, which requires L1 to be absolutely sure of what occurred on L2 (finality was reached) and current proposals like Offchain Lab’s Arbitrum require 1 week for finality. In this talk, we discuss the three designs for “fast” withdraws that allow a user to move Layer 2 to Layer 1 instantly, while a counter-party takes the risk that the withdraw will not finalize.

Mahsa is currently a part-time software engineer at Offchain Labs. She is also completing her doctoral studies at Concordia University, Canada. She mostly does research on blockchain technologies, decentralized finance, and Ethereum scaling solutions.