Devcon VI

Scaling Privacy with Starlight
10-14, 10:00–10:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

Five years ago, at DevCon in Prague, EY took the wraps off Nightfall, our open source public domain approach to privacy. Now it's live on Ethereum as a layer 2 privacy-enabled ZK-optimistic roll-up solution called Polygon Nightfall. That's only half the story though - we also need private smart contracts. This talk will cover our roadmap to that end, including our newest tool in development (also open source) called Starlight.

Paul Brody is the global blockchain leader at EY (Ernst & Young). For the last seven years, he has championed the use of public blockchains and open systems for enterprise users and the need for privacy. EY is the only major professional services company focused on the Ethereum ecosystem and committed to public blockchains.

Chaitanya is an applied cryptography researcher working in EY's Blockchain R&D. She built Nightfall which is a zero knowledge proof based privacy solution for transferring tokens with privacy. She then worked to decrease the cost of these transactions further, one of the approaches to solve this lead to Nightfall 3, an optimistic zk solution for private transfers of tokens. Along with Polygon, she led the efforts to deploy Nightfall 3, also called Polygon Nightfall, to Ethereum mainnet in May 22