Devcon VI

Security Risks in DeFi: Delineating Technical and Economic Security
10-14, 14:00–14:25 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

The frenetic evolution of DeFi makes it hard to understand its principles and risks. In our talk, We delineate DeFi along the axes of primitives, protocol types and security risks. We distinguish technical security, which has a healthy literature, from economic security, which is largely unexplored, connecting the latter with new models and thereby synthesizing insights from computer science and economics. Finally, we outline the open research challenges across these security types.

Software engineer with 10+ years of experience and open-source advocate with over 3,000 GitHub stars. Currently Daniel is finishing up his PhD at Imperial College London, where his research is on the security of blockchain systems and applications.
Daniel is also a co-founder at Backd and Gyroscope.

Ariah is a DeFi researcher with a track record of predicting design problems in stablecoins, including the design issues in Dai that contributed to Black Thursday. He has designed and built a large part of Gyroscope, including new AMMs and stablecoin markets. He is an Applied Math PhD student at Cornell University, for which he was a Bloomberg Fellow and Commercialization Fellow. He worked previously in the financial technology sector.

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Lewis is a Computer Science PhD candidate at Imperial College London, publishing mainly on DeFi risks. Prior to this he worked as an economics consultant. He holds an MPhil in Economics Research from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Warwick University.