Devcon VI

Using IPFS to Create a Metaverse
10-14, 12:10–12:20 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

Leverage the decentralized IPFS network to scale content storage management for a Metaverse implementation.
- Manage all assets storage and remove S3 dependency
- Navigate through the Metaverse Assets changelog history
- Ownership validation based on Ethereum blockchain
- Strength the network and decentralization by fostering the community to contribute with nodes
- Remove the complexity to manually implement content synchronization on the network

I'm a Computer Scientist from University of Buenos Aires, where I'm also a former teaching assistant of Algorithms and Data Structures II. I've been working as a Software Engineer since 2015 in different companies, such as Wolox, Flimper and Medallia, with a large experience in Backend and Infrastructure. Currently, I'm Tech Lead in the Platform team in Decentraland, where we build the decentralized Services network to support the Metaverse backend functionalities.