Devcon VI

Machismo, Remittence, & Inflation: Scaling Ethereum for Widespread Adoption in LATAM
10-14, 15:10–15:20 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

According to Gemini's 2022 Global State of Crypto Report, women in developing countries lead in the adoption of crypto among women. Particularly, women in Latina America lead in crypto ownership when compared to other regions, with 43% of crypto holders being women. We'll take a real world lens to the reality of LATAM and the need to scale Ethereum, the status of L2s, emerging modular blockchains, and how they all fit into the end goal of getting Ethereum transactions into fractions of cents.

Camila is an engineer and educator who is passionate about making it easier for developers to build in web3. Camila works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node where she helps devs build performant, decentralized APIs. She is core team at Women Build Web3, an accelerator for developing top woman engineering talent and fund for projects led by women.

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