Devcon VI

Public-Private Composability
10-13, 14:30–15:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

Learn about the challenges of designing a private execution layer for Ethereum.
Previously, smart contract execution (L1 & L2) has been fully public. Some apps provide basic private functionality for a single private state (e.g. privacy coins).
We'll discuss ways to execute general private and public state changes across multiple smart contracts in one transaction, within a zk-rollup. This unlocks programmable private smart contracts.

Mike Connor is an applied cryptographer at Aztec Network, the privacy layer for web3. He's focussed on designing the L2 architecture for fully programmable and composable private smart contracts.
For the last 4 years he's been designing and building tools for private smart contracts on Ethereum.
Before then, he was doing something to do with actuarial modelling.