Devcon VI

The History and Future of Decentralized Operations at MakerDAO
10-14, 12:00–12:25 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

MakerDAO is one of the foundational projects in Ethereum that originally created DeFi, and the creator of the DAI stablecoin. The project has a rich history of gradual decentralization and, today, is one of the largest and most advanced DAOs in the space.
In this talk I will outline the evolution of decentralized operations and governance at MakerDAO. We will have a look at a few of the most recent scaling challenges, how they developed, and how MakerDAO is dealing with them.

Wouter Kampmann is currently working as team lead of the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit (SES) at MakerDAO. The SES team performs research, analysis, and bootstrapping work on the challenges and solutions for scaling up MakerDAO. Its mission is to remove the barriers between decentralized workforce, capital and work. Previously, Wouter worked as the Head of Engineering at the Maker Foundation.