Devcon VI

The Showdown: Best Ethereum Language
10-13, 17:00–18:00 (America/Bogota), Workshop 3

This session will be an unconventional panel discussion. Instead of being boring and repeating the same things, we will spice things up a bit.

The goal is to decide which is the best language for Ethereum.

How do we find that out? Though a combination of "pub quiz" and on-stage activity (e.g. tug-of-war) between members of different language teams. The audience can chime in as well.


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Leo is the Formal Verification Lead at the Ethereum Foundation where he also contributes to the Solidity language and compiler.

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Alex is the team lead of Ipsilon at the Ethereum Foundation, a group focused on improving the EVM. Alex has been an early contributor and co-lead of the Solidity team.

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