Devcon VI

The Influence of Crypto Regulation on Open Blockchains: Opportunities and Challenges
10-12, 15:00–15:25 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

With the wider adoption, the use of open blockchains and dapps built on top of it is becoming progressively regulated by governments all over the world (especially in the EU and the U.S.). Understanding and adjusting to these regulations is becoming a reality for many projects in the ecosystem, especially the ones facing the users and the community. What will be the impact of regulation on the Ethereum ecosystem and how it might change the existing use cases, designs and utilities?

Trained as a lawyer and software developer with many years of experience working full-time in the blockchain space, Florian is aware of the key issues at the intersection of crypto assets and regulation.

Florian Glatz has co-founded and led the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) as President for its first four years. He advises political decision-makers at the German and European level on blockchain regulation.

Marina is the co-founder of EUCI, which aims to propel EU regulation to become Defi-friendly. Since 2017 Marina has been advising crypto projects on governance and legal matters with a focus on decentralization, DeFi and NFTs. She previously led the advisory team of blockchain accelerator and co-founded a crowdinvesting platform.

Educating on crypto and public blockchains since 2015