Devcon VI

The Role UNICEF Plays in Encouraging the “Impact Trinity” – Real world Use-cases, Open-source Software and For-Profit Business models
10-12, 14:00–14:50 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

Facilitated and moderated by UNICEF, this panel discussion will bring together a group of blockchain start ups, part of the UNICEF Venture Fund portfolio, to touch on the importance of open source and digital public goods as part of a (profitable) business model. Through 3 rounds of questions, the start ups will share their experiences with UNICEF and opinions on the topics

At UNICEF's Office of Innovation, I focus on partnerships and donor relations to advance the impact and advocacy efforts #ForEveryChild.

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Shane O’Connor is an Innovation Manager at UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, exploring how technologies, like blockchain, drones, virtual and augmented reality, AI and data science can intersect with the needs of a billion people to accelerate UNICEF’s impact for children.
Previously, Shane led Technology for Development (T4D) and Innovation efforts for UNICEF in Sierra Leone.
Before joining UNICEF, Shane was CTO, Deputy MD, and Co-Founder of a mobile financial services platform.

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