Devcon VI

New Applications for Quadratic Funding
10-11, 17:30–18:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 5 - Opening Ceremonies

Since the inception of Quadratic Funding, the mechanism has mainly been used to fund open source software and public goods in a Web3-centric context. Recently, Gitcoin and others have experimented with QF in new ways to empower specific ecosystems, fund localized communities, and tackle real-world issues (climate change, health, policy). As adoption grows so do barriers and scalability challenges, but many promising advancements could be the key to breaking out of the blockchain bubble.

Connor's background is in economics and computer science. He began working at ConsenSys in 2015 followed by Gitcoin in 2019. He initially focused on growing the Gitcoin developer community via virtual hackathons and more recently, following the launch of GitcoinDAO, has transitioned to work full-time managing Grants Ecosystem rounds with the PGF workstream. Today he's excited about growing adoption of the quadratic funding mechanism and experimenting with it in new and unique ways.