Devcon VI

Positive Framing and Communication for Web3
10-14, 14:00–14:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

The Ethereum ecosystem was, in some ways, born out of rejection of legacy systems. This is often reflected in the way we name and describe our projects and tech, names that are at best edgy and irreverent, but more often are obtuse and unhelpful.

In this session we'll look at a number of examples, from the simplest of technical concepts to the most far-fetched DAO and token naming schemes, and see how by casting them in the positive rather than the negative, we go from hindering to enabling.

Oliver is a terminologist, SBC enthusiast, and translator. He currently lives near Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with his wife and two kids. He works at ConsenSys, creating and maintaining support documentation for MetaMask, Infura, and other products, and in general, tries to explain the madness of web3 to those who want to know more. He speaks Spanish and English fluently, and can get himself into trouble in Italian, Arabic, Catalan and French.