Devcon VI

Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
10-11, 16:00–16:50 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

The Node Operator Association presents a roundtable discussion on promoting small and independent professional stakers. Topics include operator qualifications, application processes, costs, risks, each platform's unique advantages, and their vision for the future of Ethereum staking.

Darren Langley (Rocket Pool)
Vasiliy Shapovalov (Lido)
Oisin Kyne (Obol)
Jordan Sutcliffe (Stakewise)
Ariel Zimroni (SSV Network)

Ken Smith is the founder of NextBlock Solutions, a blockchain consulting company that provides training and educational services to web3 organizations. Ken is an Ethereum node operator using the RocketPool protocol and a member of the Node Operators Association (@NodeOperators) and has been active in the Ethereum and other blockchain communities since 2014.

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Co-founder of Obol Labs and building Distributed Validator Technology for Ethereum.

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Darren Langley is the General Manager of Rocket Pool. He is passionate about Ethereum and staking. He is dedicated to lowering the barriers-to-entry for Ethereum staking so that everyone can participate.

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Mike is an entrepreneur with a software engineering and business background. In 2019, he founded Bamboo Financial Technologies to provide Ethereum-based investment products, and in 2022 he co-founded the Node Operator Association, an industry group aiming to improve the health of the Ethereum network by promoting decentralization in the burgeoning professional staking industry.

VP Product @ BloxStaking, developing decentralized infrastructure for Ethereum staking.

BizDev Lead at StakeWise