Devcon VI

How to Not Be Worth Kidnapping
10-13, 17:10–17:20 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

Personal physical security, specifically violent kidnapping and compulsion to disclose keys, is often brought up as a concern by cryptocurrency participants. We will quickly present a way of thinking about these threats and a model for not merely protecting from loss of cryptocurrency, but prevention of victimization through violence entirely.

Ryan Lackey has been a cypherpunk since the early 1990s. After working on anonymous Chaumian blinded electronic cash and dropping out of MIT, he moved to the Caribbean to build his first startup. Co-founder of the world's first offshore datahaven, HavenCo, he also has worked as a war-zone defense contractor, founded a YC-funded startup to Cloudflare, and is now Chief Security Officer of Evertas, the first dedicated cryptoasset insurance company.

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