Devcon VI

Exploiting Inattention & Optimism in DAOs
10-12, 11:30–12:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

Many DAOs have adopted Oracle based tools to make gassless votes executable. I demonstrated an exploit of one such oracle that was possible because the other users on the oracle app were undercapitalized or not paying attention. This type of attack highlights the weaknesses and risks of many assumptions people have about the attention span of DAO members, and execution conditions. I will show common misconfigurations of tools that are the most risky, and show people how they can fix them.

Isaac Patka is a developer and founder in the DAO space. He is a core developer in the Moloch Mystics building Moloch v3, and a member of DAOHaus where he built DAO composability tooling to enable Moloch v2 DAOs to directly control Gnosis Safes through Zodiac modules. He is the co-creator of Logos, a framework-agnostic DAO furthering the adoption of Web3 governance in IRL communities.