Devcon VI

Supporting the Ethereum Roadmap with a Decentralized Blockchain Data Supply Chain
10-12, 10:00–10:25 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

The original Ethereum vision was for users to run full or light clients to use the network, yet today the most widely used block explorers and JSON-RPC APIs are centralized.

Decentralizing the blockchain data supply chain is more important now than ever, as it supports key parts of the Ethereum roadmap, such as Stateless Clients and “The Purge”, which unlock major gains in security, scalability, and decentralization.

Join us to learn about decentralizing this core part of the Web3 stack.

Brandon Ramirez is the Co-Founder of The Graph & E&N, and was the original inventor of The Graph's protocol design and economics.

Brandon is a deep generalist, drawing from his academic studies in Robotics, Control Systems, Economics & Signal Processing, and professional experience in Product Management, UX Design and Software Engineering.

He believes many of the world’s most pressing problems are fundamentally about incentives and social coordination.