Devcon VI

Using ZKP for better p2p messaging with Waku
10-13, 13:25–13:40 (America/Bogota), Workshop 1

In this short demo we'll look at Waku, the communication layer for Web3, and how it uses ZK for its service network. We'll demo using Waku with RLN for private, economic spam protection and what this means for you as a user and node operator. We'll also briefly look at how we can incentivize other services in the network in a private manner. Finally we'll show how you can actively participate in and contribute to the network yourself as a node operator, developer or end user.

Oskar Thorén is the Director of Research at Vac, an R&D org building public good protocols for the decentralized web, with a focus on privacy and communication. Before that he was Head of Engineering at Status, a mobile Ethereum client. He also organizes the Papers We Love meetup in Taipei.

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