Devcon VI

Open Problems in DAO Science Workshop
10-11, 14:30–15:30 (America/Bogota), Workshop 3

This workshop will bring together practitioners and researchers to discuss and collaborate on open problems pertaining to DAO Science. This session will be run by the DAO Research Hub, organized by the DAO Research Collective, Metagov, and SCRF.

Eugene Leventhal is the Head of Operations and Outreach at the Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF), which is a granted org focused on advancing web3 research. Prior to joining SCRF, Eugene worked at Carnegie Mellon University as a Project Manager, supporting a blockchain research initiative and a podcast amongst other projects.

Executive director of Metagov, mathematician and computer scientist at Oxford and Stanford. See

Ellie Rennie is a Professor and ARC Future Fellow at RMIT University. Her current research uses digital ethnography to study the social outcomes arising from automation technologies, including blockchain. Prior to commencing her Future Fellowship, Ellie's research was focused on the topic of digital inclusion. She has written five books.