Devcon VI

Reducing Beacon Chain Bandwidth for Institutional and Home Stakers
10-13, 11:30–12:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

This talk gives an overview of the networking infrastructure of beacon nodes and details some of the recent research being done significantly reduce the growing bandwidth requirements of the Ethereum consensus layer.
In particular, we will discuss the network requirements of gossipsub, how long-lived subnets can be the cause and a potential solution to high bandwidth usage as well as preliminary results from experiments with an experimental extension to the gossipsub protocol, episub.

Adrian is a co-founder and director of Sigma Prime. He has a background in physics but has spent the last few years working on the Ethereum consensus protocol, building the Lighthouse client. He is primarily focused in the networking aspects of the client and the protocol.

I've been working with sigp for two years and a half in networking land and very happy to join