Devcon VI

Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling: How Do We Fund Community And Ecosystem Growth
10-14, 14:30–15:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

"Institutions are functional when they promote a delicate balance between what people can do for themselves and what tools at the service of anonymous institutions can do for them," Illich writes in Tools for Conviviality. Governance is one tool that helps with resource allocation towards what we want to see more of, at the protocol level and at the social level. Let's explore different ways of funding ecosystem and community growth including grants, on-chain funding, and new mechanisms.

After scaling fintech startups for several years in Product and Sales Operations, Juan discovered DeFi through a beautiful accident. He has ever since been involved in scaling DAOs through governance design, improving frameworks, and connecting great teams together.

Juan is also a proud dad.

Anna currently leads Community Programs at the Celo Foundation. She has previously decentralized her own job as a community lead at the Maker Foundation and is an active member of communities of care like Meta Gamma Delta Kernel. Is likely traveling and wandering around.

Abbey is a technologist, governance researcher, product strategist, and community developer/leader. She spends her time building decentralized technologies and growing open-source communities around them.

Since 2019, she’s run all things community & governance at Radicle, building decentralized collaboration tools for developers. She is currently stewarding the projects transition to the DAO. Additionally, she sits on the Board of the Radicle Foundation and Optimism Foundation.

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