Devcon VI

ENS Cross Chain Integration Strategy
10-12, 15:00–15:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

In general, most cross chain use cases are “asset transfer” for bridges to cross tokens from one chain to another then each application deploys the exact copy from L1 to other chains. However, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) has a set of unique challenges because ENS functions as a “global address book” to resolve addresses on any chains from any wallets. We have received lots of requests from chains and dapp developers about how to integrate ENS into their chain of choice and I am going to explain

Makoto Inoue is one of the core developers at Ethereum Name Service which provides NFT compliant naming service to various blockchain addresses and decentralised file systems. He is also co-founder of Ethereum based event service called Kickback and hosts events such as London Ethereum Codeup where a group of developers examine the latest smart contracts