Devcon VI

Blockchain Analytics 101: Building an Indexer from Scratch
10-12, 13:00–14:00 (America/Bogota), Workshop 2

A workshop which goes through how to build an EVM observability application and how to interpret the data collected. This workshop aims to empower users to venture into blockchain analytics to identify arbitrage opportunities, high value projects and the centralization of protocol/DAO voting power in a protocol.

I'm a smart-contract/full stack engineer who is in love with De-Fi and blockchain in general. I have been working in the space for 3 years now and have primarily focused on building bonds-on-blockchain, derivative trading and blockchain observavability platforms. i have significant experience in the oracle space having worked with Chainlink for 2 years and have a real passion for ensuring external data arrives un-compromised and in-tact when powering blockchain-applications.