Devcon VI

Shielded Voting Using Threshold Encryption
10-13, 17:30–17:37 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

Shutter Governance is a tool for governance platforms to introduce shielded voting for their users. It uses threshold encryption and is designed to fix issues with misbehavior, voter apathy, and voting incentive.

Simply put, with Shutter Governance, votes are encrypted during the voting period. The votes are decrypted and thereby only revealed after the poll closes.

The talk will include a live demo of Shielded Voting as developed in partnership with Snapshot.

Luis has a background in finance and works in the Ethereum space since 2015, mainly as a product manager on protocol-level infrastructure and payment systems. Since 2021 he's the product manager at Shutter Network which is an open source project that uses threshold encryption to combat MEV and malicious front-running, as well as voter misbehavior in governance systems.