Devcon VI

Does it Make Sense to Aggregate and Average feeReceipent Rewards Using a Smoothing Pool?
10-12, 11:30–12:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

This talk presents a statistical model and python code that can be used to model feeRecipient tips using a set of binomial, Gaussian, and Bayesian modeling techniques. We will explore if the ideal of pooling these fees, similar to how POW miners have been pooling their hash power, makes sense for Ethereum validators. We will present the results of modeling one such feeReceipent pooling contract to determine if such a model adds value to other validating Ethereum Node operators.

Ken Smith is the founder of NextBlock Solutions, a blockchain consulting company that provides training and educational services to web3 organizations. Ken is an Ethereum node operator using the RocketPool protocol and a member of the Node Operators Association (@NodeOperators) and has been active in the Ethereum and other blockchain communities since 2014.

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