Devcon VI

Buidl the Buidlers: How You Can Create the Next Generation of Web3 Contributors through Education, Peer Review, and Professional Development
10-13, 13:00–15:00 (America/Bogota), Workshop 3

We all know there are not enough qualified people in the world to fill all the roles Web3 is asking for. We’ve got to create those people! Join our workshop to learn ways for developing good contributors.
We’ll start with an open office session where you can ask us your most burning questions. Then we’ll move into workstations where you can get 1on1 guidance on specific aspects of Web3 talent building. This means web2 to web3 conversion AND sharpening contributors who are already web3 native.

Project lead for initiatives tackled by the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling team at MakerDAO (X-Ray, Transparency Dashboard, etc.).
Previously community lead & global events manager at the Maker Foundation.
Actively onboarding more newbies into crypto (CryptoWomen, ETH/Web3 CPH meetup, event speaking). Supporting DAOs contributors' experience & exploring the field of decentralized HR practices together with People Ops Guild peers & Groundw3rk DAO operators.

Loie is a facilitator, nurturer, and organizer. In her role as a People Operations lead, she likes to weave workplaces full of compassion and growth. With over 4 years hacking "decentralized HR" in crypto projects, she's deep in the future of work that web3 is birthing. Her roots are in Restorative Justice & activist communities, and she's branched out to start the People Ops Guild & open source the learnings on decentralized people-management that this space has uncovered.

Melanie leads the Contributor Experience at DXdao. She has over 8 years of professional experience in People Operations and transforming communities through strategic innovation. As a passionate Web3 and DAO contributor, she constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional Human Resources to help her build a resilient and scalable decentralized ecosystem at DXdao.

Saf is curious about everything that has to do with pushing people to be the best versions of themselves. After spending a previous life as a mechanical engineer, Saf has worked in education, career coaching, mentorship and now leads People Operations at Gitcoin. You can also find him catherding the brightest Gen Z-ers at Dream DAO. Outside of work, Saf loves to spend time in the mountains, and is an avid trail ultra-runner and skier.

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