Devcon VI

Borderless Africa - a New Narrative
10-13, 10:30–11:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 5

If Ethereum is a digital nation, millions of Africans will flock in masses to become citizens. Why? A fair chance to participate in an open borderless economy, and ultimately self-determination. Web3 is unleashing a generation of African talent trapped within the confines of the old gated economy. A new narrative places Africa differently through the Web3 lens. Why should Ethereum builders take African talent and markets seriously? Where are low hanging fruits for win-win scenarios?

Yoseph is an entrepreneur building at the intersection of Web3 and Africa, and focused on growing the borderless economy on the continent.

He co-founded and was CEO of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (, a community of 500+ top tier entrepreneurs and investors from 68 countries. He built a new immigration program with the New Zealand government, and ran it as a public-private partnership. Yoseph is from Ethiopia, and grew up in East Africa.

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