Devcon VI

On the Future of Web3 — Paving the Way to End-to-End Fully-Decentralized Web
10-14, 11:30–11:40 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

One key feature of Web3 is decentralized compared to the current Web2, which is controlled by a few centralized companies such as Facebook, Google. However, when 99% of the users interact with the blockchain, one critical problem shows up: the dApp servers / NSPs are centralized! In this talk, we propose a solution for the future of Web3: an End-to-End Fully Trustless Decentralized Web, which means that any components in our Web2 from the user side and server side will be decentralized in Web3.

Qi Zhou, Founder and CEO of QuarkChain.
Qi got his doctorate degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, with nearly 10 papers published. When in graduate school, he developed one software and won a prize from Microsoft, awarded by Bill Gates in person. Qi previously worked as a senior engineer at Google and Facebook headquarters in the United States and has ten years of working experience in the field of distributed systems.