Devcon VI

Asset Rights Abstractions - a Case for Smart Contract Wallets
10-11, 13:00–13:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

Smart contract wallets (SCW) have a potential to streaml UX and increase compatibility of asset and dapp contracts.

Well positioned SCW can overcome needs for devs to integrate increasing number of standards. Instead SCWs can improve composability between dapps and decrease the amount of TXs needed, enabling dev to focus on core features rather than handling custom or niche cases of asset contracts.

PWN Safe is an example of such wallet enabling selfcustody of lending collateral.

Josef is an active member of Parallel Polis, the base of the Prague cypherpunk community and the HQ of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. At the IoC he is occasionally organinzing Ethereum meetups (since 2016). He is also the founder and maintainer of the local nonconformist hackerspace Bordel.