Devcon VI

The Unbanked, A Real Blue Ocean Opportunity for Crypto
10-13, 17:40–17:47 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

1/4 of the global population is excluded from the current financial system. Financial exclusion stems from the belief that a population is too high risk to receive funding. Sadly, this factor preeminently causes these same people to never be able to break out of poverty.

Unbanked farmers fall in the same boat. Due to their lack of collateral and credit history, they can only access loans starting at 100% interest rate. Crypto and blockchain has an opportunity to change that for the better.

Gabriela Chang
CSO and Co-founder of EthicHub.
Builder of win/win regenerative economic models for the Unbanked farmers.

Industrial designer, artist and writer. She worked at the Secretary of Economic Development in Chiapas, Mexico and was an organic coffee producer. Involved in Blockchain since 2017, she promotes its enormous potential as a catalyst for the SDGs. Frequent speaker and panelist in both crypto and impact forums.