Devcon VI

Can’t Someone Else Do It!? Shifting Behaviors in Ethereum Network Participation
10-11, 17:00–17:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 5 - Opening Ceremonies

Decentralization is touted to be at the core of the Ethereum ecosystem and community. Yet we continue to operate in a world of end users trained and programmed not to think about any of the infrastructure services they use, how they run, how secure they are, and how they are managed. The community continues to operate with the mantra of Web 2.0 where someone else can handle it. It is up to us to help shift user behaviors and mental models around what it takes to truly participate in the network.

Aqeel Mohammad is a Product Strategist, and Design specialist focused on leading market adoption and consistent user experiences across Web 3. He has extensive experience leading human centered design organizations with a focus on strategy, product definition, and business transformation. Notable projects include leading design and product efforts for the Lighthouse and Nimbus consensus clients along with community development efforts including Devcon, Devconnect, and Web3 UX Unconference.

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