Devcon VI

Introducing The Graph Substreams for High-Performance Indexing
10-13, 17:30–18:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

Substreams is a powerful, parallelizable, blockchain data indexing technology, developed within The Graph.
It enables truly composable indexing, with shared modules written in Rust, both in batch and in streaming. It reaches unbeforeseen performances by virtue of its parallel design that supports both mappers and stateful store modules.
In this session, we will see how Substreams solve indexing for all blockchain protocols.

Alexandre, a trained classical pianist, now father of 8, started programming at age 12. He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and launched the first Canadian Bitcoin payments processor. He continued to become a prolific data scientist and open-source advocate, only to come back to blockchain to build high-performance data solutions in the space.