Devcon VI

Universal Access to All Knowledge: Decentralization Experiments at the Internet Archive
10-14, 14:00–14:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

The Internet Archive holds over 100PB of data, spanning the Wayback Machine, films, scientific publications, vintage video games, and more. What is it like to try to decentalize at this scale?

We'll share our experience with networks like Filecoin, Storj, and arweave, discuss design trade-offs, offer recommendations for both builders and those curious about storing large amounts of data, and maybe even muse about how institutions could "disappear from sight... and become all of us"

Arkadiy is currently the Decentralization Lead at the Internet Archive. Previously he was an IPFS integrations/grants coordinator at Protocol Labs, CTO at Mediachain, and worked on supporting independent music (Hype Machine, Ampled) and cartography (Foursquare)