Devcon VI

Alice in Proxyland
10-11, 15:00–15:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

The story of Alice in her journey of making her smart contract upgradeable.

She starts with a very naive approach, and quickly bumps into the fundamental problems of proxies: using CALL vs DELEGATECALL, the execution context, storage collisions, the importance of tooling, etc.

As her system grows in complexity, her proxy architecture iterates and becomes more and more sophisticated, finally arriving to a very powerful, elegant and easy to use architecture: The Router Proxy.

Die hard Etherean. 15 years in software development. 5 years in Ethereum app layer development. Creator of the Ethernaut CTF game. Founder of the EthernautDAO. Ex Aragon and OpenZeppelin. Currently core contributor at Synthetix, as well as forming devs and helping teams grow via the EthernautDAO.