Devcon VI

Validating Made Light and Simple
10-13, 16:00–16:30 (America/Bogota), Talk 5

The network has seen an increase in staked Eth led by staking pools, liquid staking protocols, CEX and solo stakers. The complexity of running multiple clients (Execution, Consensus, Beacon and possibly MEV) means that validating is increasingly considered an organised activity for teams of specialists.
Nimbus is pushing for simplification to ensure it remains accessible to individuals and institutions alike. In this talk, Nimbus presents its vision for the future of Ethereum client experience

Kaushal is a contributor at Status Network and focuses on ecosystem development for the Nimbus Client. He works with staking services, staking infrastructure operators, liquid staking protocols, solo staking community members and centralized exchanges to promote use of minority clients and improve client diversity in the network. In this capacity, he has gained deep insights about the motivations and challenges of various personas in the validator ecosystem.