Devcon VI

Decentralized Programmable Key Pairs
10-12, 15:30–16:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

Join this talk to get an introduction to Decentralized Programable Key Pairs (PKPs), by Lit Protocol.

PKPs are 'distributed custody cloud wallets' that act as a personal compute platform that can write to a variety of state machines (e.g Ethereum, IPFS) because they are 'smart contracts with a secret' that can make arbitrary HTTP requests and use that data in the computation.

David Sneider is the co-founder at Lit Protocol, a network for decentralized compute, encryption, and access control.

Chris got started in crypto in 2011 and created the first commercially available hardware wallet in 2013, Piper Wallet. He co-founded Lit Protocol to democratize access to threshold cryptography and bring freedom through math.