Devcon VI

How to Stay Up To Date With Web3 Technologies
10-14, 11:40–11:50 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

Following a vast technology field with thousands of projects, protocols, tools, and frameworks is complex. Inspired by ThoughtWorks, we decided to map all these Web3 technologies, present them using a radar metaphor, and give them as a public good. This initiative helps developers understand ecosystems and technology stacks in the Web3 universe. It further allows them to create their radars. This talk will introduce this methodology framework to help tech teams make better decisions.

For the last three years since I joined the Web3 industry, I mainly worked as a product manager, discovering, shaping, and developing different Web3 projects.
For the last year and a half, I joined our R&D department and focused on generating and validating early-stage ideas while focusing on cutting-edge technology.
I worked and shaped most of the 3327 experiment ( and worked on MVPW’s products (

I'm a long-time solidity developer and a researcher at 3327. Always interested in new technologies and getting a clear understanding of various topics.