Devcon VI

Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
10-12, 11:50–12:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

Pluralism — the understanding that diversity of people, beliefs, opinions, mechanisms, approaches, implementations, etc within a given context generally results in better outcomes than in the absence of such diversity.

In this lightning talk, Regen Web3 Founders Trent Van Epps, Abbey Titcomb, Karl Flouresch, Kevin Owocki, Griff Green, and Auryn MacMillan will talk about how they're baking pluralism into their projects + building a more pluralistic world by doing so.

Kevin Owocki is the founder of — Where builders & funders come together to build the open web. Gitcoin has delivered $60mm worth of value to OSS devs in the last several years. He has a BS in Computer Science, 15 years of engineering leadership experience in Open Source Software and Web Startups. Kevin is a community organizer in the Boulder Colorado Tech Scene.

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Cofounder of Giveth, Commons Stack, & dappnode. Community manager for TheDAO, led the crisis response effort for TheDAO Hack and first Parity Multisig Hack from every angle, co-founder of the White Hat Group and led the creation of Token Engineering Commons. Advisor for PolygonID, PolygonHermez, brightID, Doingud, and steward for Gitcoin, ENS & Optimism.

I also lead 2 crypto focused burning man camps ;-)

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DAO obsessed co-founder of Gnosis Guild and Former professional basketball player.

Ethereum optimist. Worked at the Ethereum Foundation on PoS & Eth2, then co-founded Plasma Group & Optimism to build Ethereum L2 technology which funds public goods. Currently optimistically scaling Ethereum and making impact=profit.

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Abbey is a technologist, governance researcher, product strategist, and community developer/leader. She spends her time building decentralized technologies and growing open-source communities around them.

Since 2019, she’s run all things community & governance at Radicle, building decentralized collaboration tools for developers. She is currently stewarding the projects transition to the DAO. Additionally, she sits on the Board of the Radicle Foundation and Optimism Foundation.

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