Devcon VI

MEV for the Next Billion: It's Time to Get Serious...
10-14, 12:30–13:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 5

We will take a birds-eye view of research, industry, and L1 developments on MEV. We start with the reasons behind the origins of MEV, a years-old warnings to developers. We revisit these against an explosion of research and industry interest in MEV. We cover the big picture of why these topics, including PBS, MEV auctions, MEV ethics, "fair ordering", cryptography, etc. are key to the decentralization and UX of L1. We will attempt to provide a roadmap to avoid the centralizing effects of MEV.

Philip Daian is a Ph.D. candidate in computer science at Cornell Tech, and a steward of Flashbots, a research and product organization that is active within the MEV space. He is particularly interested in the intersection of cryptocurrencies, financial systems, programmable privacy, and formal systems. His past work includes uncovering and publicizing MEV in the ETH community, and seeking to illuminate the dark forest of incentives and mechanisms in which we all co-exist.