Devcon VI

Giga: How Can Blockchain Help Connect the Next Billion
10-13, 17:00–17:50 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

2.9 billion people are still offline and 96% of these people live in developing countries. During the session, public and private sector leaders from Giga countries like Rwanda or South Africa will speak about 1) how they are using blockchain to connect schools, 2) the opportunities of this technology in emerging markets. In particular, they’ll talk about blockchain as tool to automate payments, staking to finance school connectivity, NFTs to fundraise or a marketplace to incentivize providers.

Naroa Zurutuza leads the Mapping and Tech work for Giga, UNICEF. Prior to joining UNICEF, she lived and worked in various companies in Kenya; from a startup that is trying to change the way the world understands agriculture to a non-profit empowering local entrepreneurs through access to finance. Naroa holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a MS in Telecommunications Engineering from EHU-UPV.

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Gerben has focussed on building digital products that solve global problems for over a decade. From designing games that reward players for saving energy to building web applications that support entrepreneurs with their administration, he currently serves as the blockchain lead for Giga at UNICEF.

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Anda Ngcaba serves as the Chief of Operations (COO) at the University of Cape Town Financial Innovation Hub. At the financial innovation hub, Anda oversees day to day operations, partnerships and business development. Through his work at the Financial Innovation Hub Anda also serves as COO of Axone, a platform for content creators to collaborate in a unique way.