Devcon VI

Beyond Stake: Implementing Diversity Policies on PoS
10-11, 13:30–14:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

We look at the challenges of implementing various diversity-improving policies on a PoS network. Economic (dis)incentivization is a popular approach, but can be undermined by non-standard miner economics such as (cross-domain) MEV or derivatives on incentivization. As an alternative, we outline an approach to include diversity support into the consensus level without requiring changing the basic functionality of the protocol by adapting the concept of general adversary structures.

Klaus has first started working on Byzantine Consensus during his PhD in 1998, where he build a fully asynchronous consensus layer. He then explored and published in other areas of digital security including secure hardware, privacy preserving technologies, and security for critical infrastructures, before returning to further work on Byzantine fault tolerance. He currently works for Vega protocol.