Devcon VI

Introduction to Circom2.0
10-11, 15:30–16:30 (America/Bogota), Workshop 2

The workshop aims to explain the basics of Circom2.0, the new features respect Circom1.0, the tool stack and explain a simple project about the following topics:
- Zk-Rollup + Mixer: Put a mixer in the withdraw of Hermez1.0.
- Polygon ID: Explain some of the Circom circuits of polygonID and how can be used.
- NFT project: A project that aims to airdrop an NFT to some address that accomplish certain conditions without reveal the address.

I'm currently working on Polygon hermez in the protocol team.
Basically I develop smart contracts and use zero knowledge languages like Circom or zkasm.

  • Blockchain developer since 2018
  • Ethereum enthusiastic :)
  • Worked on self-sovereign identity at Iden3
  • Main contributor to zkRollup PoC developed at Iden3
  • Protocol designer at hermez zkRollup
  • Protocol designer at polygon-hermez developing the zkEVM