Devcon VI

Smart Contracts and Petri Dishes: Creating a Shared Technical Infrastructure Roadmap for Descentralised Science (DeSci) on Ethereum
10-13, 16:00–18:00 (America/Bogota), Workshop 2

DeSci is the combination of open science principles and decentralization. This workshop aims to unite founders and developers in the DeSci ecosystem to explore what infrastructure is needed: from reputation systems for scientific credentials, to file storage, public good funding and financialisation. Participants will actively determine pressing needs and a roadmap to functioning DeSci dapps, while also exploring the cultural complexity and UX of scientists as a user group.

economist, biohacker, developer, building on Ethereum since 2016. on a mission to accelerate scientific progress and open medicine. previously at ConsenSys and identity solution uPort, founder of Eth dev studio &