Devcon VI

What Alternative Blockchains Compatibility with Ethereum Tooling Can Teach Us About Ethereum's Future
10-14, 14:00–14:25 (America/Bogota), Talk 2

In this talk the various techniques that some L1s and L2s use to provide EVM and RPC compatibility with end user and developer tooling will be examined. Special attention will be paid to features (address aliasing and expansion, RPC handing of system contracts, account abstraction) of other blockchains that Ethereum developers have discussed with an eye towards the compatibility issues they introduce.

Danno Ferrin is Principal Software Engineer at Hedera Hashgraph, where he spearheads the smart contract environment in the Hedera network. Previously he was Lead Protocol Engineer at ConsenSys Software Inc on their Ethereum Mainnet team, where he chose to go "full crypto" after leaving Google.

Danno is a maintainer for the Hyperledger Besu project, and sits on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee, where he is Vice Chair.