Devcon VI

The Challenges and Learnings of Implementing Wallet Connection on Mobile
10-13, 12:30–12:37 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

Web3 is mostly a desktop experience, but we spend most of our time on mobile devices. How can we bridge the gap between Dapps and Mobile, especially in such a crucial step as the wallet connection? In this talk, we want to share the failures and learnings we had while developing GM Shop, the first tokengated experience built for mobile that partnered with the biggest NFT brands such as Doodles, Invisible Friends, and Cool Cats.

Carolina is a Senior Frontend Developer at Shopify. She is part of the Blockchain team, where she combines her passion for Frontend development and decentralized applications. Originally from Colombia, Carolina is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

Born in Brazil but currently based in Berlin. I've been writing software for over 10 years, both on the backend and on the frontend. Almost a year ago, I started working at Shopify on their blockchain team. I've been helping them tap into blockchain technologies and use NFTs to unlock new commerce experiences for their customers.