Devcon VI

Battle of the Bridges: Untangling the Tradeoffs of Various Bridge Designs
10-13, 16:00–17:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

This panel invites 3 of the leading bridge protocols to debate the various tradeoffs that have emerged between different cross chain bridge designs, including pros and cons, and security considerations. Panelists include the founders of Across (Hart Lambur), Hop (Chris Whinfrey), Succinct (Uma Roy), and will be moderated by Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet).

Floating through the Ether, reading math papers, writing DeFi research @GauntletNetwork, techno lover.

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Hart is the Co-Founder of Risk Labs, the foundation supporting the UMA and Across protocols. UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) that can provide and verify arbitrary data on-chain. Across is a cross-chain bridge that is secured by UMA's optimistic oracle.

Hart studied computer science before working as an interest rate trader at Goldman Sachs through the financial crisis. In 2013. He now leads a team of researchers at Risk Labs.

Co-founder of Hop Protocol
Author of the Hop Whitepaper:
Previously co-founder of Authereum and Level K
Audited Open Zeppelin, dYdX, Augur, Decentraland, and more
Started the first Ethereum meetup in Boston

Building proof of consensus at

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