Devcon VI

1 Human 1 Vote Money Legos 🔜 More Democratic DAOs 🧱🤝✨
10-11, 13:30–14:30 (America/Bogota), Workshop 3

Right now, the DAO ecosystem is built around one-token-one-vote or one-cpu-one-vote schemes.

With strong sybil resistence, the ecosystem could move to DAOs built on one-human-one-vote. This unlocks more democratic use cases like:

  • quadratic funding
  • quadratic voting
  • Gini coefficient measurements
  • UBI
  • one-person-one-vote DAOs
  • data collectives
  • sybil resistant airdrops
  • more

Learn about the current landscape of sybil resistance techniques in web3.

Kevin Owocki is the founder of — Where builders & funders come together to build the open web. Gitcoin has delivered $60mm worth of value to OSS devs in the last several years. He has a BS in Computer Science, 15 years of engineering leadership experience in Open Source Software and Web Startups. Kevin is a community organizer in the Boulder Colorado Tech Scene.

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