Devcon VI

Client Diversity Matters: Thinking Independently, Together
10-13, 17:50–17:57 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

There is an ongoing conversation about the increased centralization of the Ethereum ecosystem following the migration to Proof of Stake. Clients deployed, nodes location, hosting services as well as liquid staking providers that have significant relevance that could potentially reduce the resilience of the network as a whole. We will dive into the state of the network post-merge and share specific actions related to how we can collaborate for a better outcome for the Network.

Co-Founder & CEO SenseiNode, the first node and staking as a service provider in Latin America.
Singularity University GSP14 Alumni, NASA campus in Mountain View CA. Founder of Red Innova
the largest community on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Latin America. Founder of Bumeran, biggest online recruitment company in the region.
Board Member Universidad Di Tella, Argentina.