Devcon VI

Balkanize Learn2Earn - Educating & Financing the Next Batch of Web3 Developers in the Balkans
10-14, 14:30–14:40 (America/Bogota), Talk 4

The next iteration of “the web” is not going to build itself - and people in developing countries are not going to participate in this (r)evolution without some guidance and financial support.
See what can be achieved by handing out scholarships to students in developing countries and guiding them in their learning process towards becoming proficient in the web3 ecosystem.

Born in former Yugoslavia in 1988
Left for Germany as a refugee in 1992
Finished studying Industrial Engineering in Germany in 2013
Finished a PhD in Machine Learning in 2019
Involved in Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2016, attended devcon IV in Prague in 2018
Worked as a Data Scientist until the end of 2021
Started inat scholarship in 2022 to finance and educate students in Bosnia and Hercegovina