Devcon VI

Using a Hybrid UTXO and Account-based State Model in a ZK Rollup
10-13, 10:30–11:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 3

Many rollups choose to follow Ethereum’s account-based state model. We explore an alternative approach: a hybrid of a UTXO and an account-based model, specifically in a context of a ZK rollup. This approach offers a number of interesting properties including local transaction execution, support for privacy-preserving smart contracts, and reduced state bloat. In this talk we describe tradeoffs between different state models and cover the specific design choices we’ve made with Polygon Miden.

Bobbin is a project lead of Polygon Miden - a STARK-based ZK-rollup being developed at Polygon. Prior to joining Polygon, Bobbin was ZK researcher at Facebook's Novi, where he led the development of Winterfell, as highly-performant general-purpose STARK prover. Besides Winterfell, Bobbin has made multiple contributions to the field of STARK-based proving systems, including a STARK-based virtual machine (Distaff) and AirScript/AirAssembly languages (work supported by the Ethereum Foundation).